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​Caring for your Umbrella


Like any item, if well looked after, it will last much longer. Umbrellas are no different. Whilst umbrella frames are plated to make them rust resistant, they are susceptible to rust if left closed while wet for more than 24 hours.

To prevent this, umbrellas should not be rolled up and closed when wet. At the earliest opportunity leave the umbrella open to dry. Rust effects the function of the frame and make the umbrella unusable.

All umbrellas should be opened up and allowed to dry overnight. Metal parts dry less easily than the canopy materials, and when the umbrella is closed the canopy keeps air away from the frame. Inadequate drying is the main cause of defective umbrellas. Do not use detergents to clean the fabric. Certain detergents may remove the water proofing of the fabric. The best way to clean an umbrella is to use plain water or White Indian Rubber.

As with all umbrellas, strong gusts can cause damage to the frame. To reduce this risk, carry your umbrella facing into the wind. If it does blow inside out, turn into the wind and release the catch in the normal way


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